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You already know us, our professionals and our judgement. We're simply working together under a new name.
Seatrend Strategy Group is a Vancouver-based team of 17 professionals focused on corporate strategy development and implementation for clients facing transformative events, significant growth, or portfolio realignment.

As part of your management team, or as an outsourced provider, our group of senior professionals has the experience, technical understanding and communication ability allowing you to focus on your core business. We encourage you to review our team and experience, and then call us to learn more about our perspective and experience supporting world-class, high-performance cultures with Vancouver-based companies. We look forward to working with you.


You are a true partner. You have not run when times are tight and you have invested your time and energy.
— President, Construction - 12-31-2013
Thanks everyone – I know we are all going flat out to get this ready for investor presentations and its appreciated.
— CEO, Manufacturing - 03-21-2014
Thanks for the update. I appreciate all your efforts and professionalism.
— CEO, Technology - 04-29-2014
Seatrend’s ‘Competitive Analysis’ document does a good job of presenting a lot of complex detail in a easily discernible way. Thanks for all your hard work.
— VP, Corporate Administration, Technology - 04-14-2014
Thank you for providing such valuable advice and guidance. I do appreciate it! It’s people like you that inspire me to do more and live life more presently and fully, so thank you for that inspiration.
— Finance Director, NPO - 10-02-14
Excellent! Thank you for taking the time to offer this feedback. It is invaluable for the Company to hear the same comments from different sources
— Advisory Board Member, Technology - 10-21-2014

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Our Services


Our Services

Our Services


We provide a wide range of professional services for your finance organization, including:

  • contract CFO
  • transaction advisory and financial modeling
  • audit and accounting support
  • tax compliance, and
  • corporate governance

As part of your team, or as a fully outsourced solution, we can scale our support appropriately allowing you to focus on building your business.


Our team provides an industry-focused approach that provides our clients with professionals who understand their market, business and leadership style. With transaction experience gained from real-world experience as CFO’s and advisors to companies that have transacted, our team has unparalleled experience.  Our solutions include:

  • transaction advisory and structuring
  • financial modeling
  • debt advisory
  • refinancing and restructuring
  • acquisition, merger, project financing, and
  • asset disposition


Assisting clients with the management of organization, technical, operational and financial risks, providing a determination of acceptable levels of risk exposure, including the implementation of controls and ongoing monitoring. Our solutions include:

  • internal audit services
  • internal controls compliance
  • CEO/CFO certification: SOX-404, NI 52-109
  • due diligence compliance and risk assessment
  • post-merger ICFR and GCC integration


The most valuable asset for any organization is their people and we recognize this importance by providing:

  • issues and guiding support
  • organizational design and integration
  • strategic leadership assessment
  • compensation evaluation, and
  • policy design

Where our goal is to improve employee retention, while de-risking the operation of HR functions.


Focused on harnessing advanced analytical methodologies we provide insight and quantitative recommendations improving strategic decision making.  Our solutions include: 

  • workflow mapping
  • process redesign
  • business intelligence system development
  • supply/demand analysis
  • equipment throughput, and
  • KPI design, simulation, and optimization

Strategy & operations

In an ever changing economic environment, businesses are consistently evolving.  This evolution requires strong leadership and a clear tone from the top starting with strategy and vision.  Regardless of whether it’s expanding into new markets, developing innovative products, or seeking alternative financing we support our clients with fresh perspectives and insights as they create executable strategies.


The Team


The Team

Jeremy Wright, CPA, CMA, BA Econ

Executive Advisor & Principal

Mr. Wright brings over 15 years of Executive Advisory and Corporate Development experience to clients through Seatrend Strategy Group, with the last 6 years spent in a senior role at Deloitte LLP. He has broad experience working with senior management developing strategies and solutions to business issues mainly related to corporate finance, cost and risk management, and governance focused on clients in the mining and technology sectors. He was recently interviewed by GBR for their report "Territories Mining and Exploration 2012"; and previously, he authored “Extracting Value – Yukon Mining 2011”, published by Deloitte for the Yukon Chamber of Mines (this report is the first comprehensive assessment of the mining sector in Yukon, and has been extensively cited since its release).

Prior to Deloitte, he led the Canadian expansion of a US-based internal audit company, Control Solutions International, developing significant marketshare in a compressed timeline, focused on the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, including Washington State. Mr. Wright started his professional career with Western Inventory Service (WIS), progressing through a number of positions culminating in his regional role as Business Development Manager for British Columbia, having responsibility for client development and relationship management focused on the retail and manufacturing sectors from 1998 to 2007. Prior to WIS, he owned and operated two businesses in Ontario.

Mr. Wright is a Certified Management Accountant. He has extensive negotiation training, including the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School programs: “Strategies, Skills and Tactics of Negotiation”; including “Advanced Negotiation Skills”. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts, with honours in Environmental Economics from Brock University.

He currently serves as a Director with the Canadian Freestyle Ski Association, and Pacific Community Resources Society, and has previously served on several community associations and municipal advisory boards, including the Gateway Stakeholders’ Advisory Committee for the City of Coquitlam.

Rajnish Singh, CPA, CMA, BBA

Vice President - Corporate Finance

Raj is a seasoned professional with a strong history identifying and sourcing alternative financing solutions that align with a client's strategic objectives.

Prior to Seatrend, she worked at First Vancouver Finance, where she used her knack for relationship management, skillful analytics, and financial consulting experience to help businesses find financing solutions that carry them through periods of rapid growth. 

Relationship management has always been one of her most natural talents. 

Raj spent a year teaching English in Japan, where she learned how to master the art of communicating with people from all walks of life and different perspectives.

She also learned how to master the art of listening, and thus gained an excellent understanding of her students’ academic needs.

Today Raj is a true pro at extracting relevant information from clients and then using that information to produce amazing results for their bottom line. 

Richard Wong, CPA, CMA, BA Econ

Associate Partner - Finance

Richard specializes in evaluating organization business processes and structures, with an eye to adding value through strategic and business planning, organizational reviews, growth capital, implementing performance management reporting and providing sound operations management advice. Richard has over 20 years experience within Fortune 500 firms in the manufacturing, forest, and high/bio tech industries working with companies in controller and CFO consultancy roles. Richard has also worked with Wolrige Mahon Corporate Finance and provided both private and public organizations services identifying merger and acquisition issues, raising financing to grow and providing sound business advice to help them improve their operations.

Richard grew up in the Kootenays of British Columbia and is an avid amateur photographer. He loves the creativity, planning, camaraderie, and enjoys helping others in getting results they never thought they could achieve.

Chuck Jenkins, CGA, BA Econ 

Associate Partner - Finance

Mr. Jenkins has broad experience in accounting, banking, securities regulation and corporate finance. Most recently, he has served as the Chief Financial Officer for a number of Vancouver mining exploration and development companies, such as White Mountain Titanium, Oremex Resources, Aurcana Corporation and Rock Teck Lithium. Prior to his involvement with public companies he previously worked in corporate finance with brokerage houses in Vancouver and Calgary.

Richard K. Miller, MBA, BComm 

Associate Partner - Strategy, Innovation and Commercialization

Mr. Miller is an experienced and innovative strategist and business development professional with more than 25 years of experience building high growth companies.  Most recently, he was at Wavefront, Canada’s Center of Excellence for Wireless Commercialization and Research, where he mentored start-up wireless companies, and built the organization’s presence in Alberta and the Prairies. Previously, as founding VP of Sales and Marketing at PressReader, the world leader in digital print media distribution, he drove the company from start-up to over $21M in revenue. He developed a global distribution network for digital newspapers, licensing over 100 partners in 35 countries, and built innovative content licensing & recurring revenue business models. Prior to PressReader, he held management positions at Orion Technologies, Rydex Industries and IVI, now part of the world's 2nd largest payment technology company. Mr. Miller has also consulted to companies across North America, helping them raise capital, build business plans and assess strategic markets. Mr. Miller has an MBA from Ivey Business School and a Bachelor of Commerce from University of Alberta. He currently works with the Achilles International Track & Field Society, and has been an Advisory Board member for AIESEC-UBC.

Tabitha Gallo, BSc IMS, Civil Eng. Tech.

Associate Partner - Governance, Risk Management and Compliance

Tabitha brings over 20 years' experience in corporate governance, risk management, process improvement, and compliance that successfully enables clients to safeguard, achieve and exceed their strategic and operational objectives. With global Fortune 100 experience across multiple sectors including healthcare, construction, consulting, manufacturing, oil and gas, high-tech and software development and services, she brings a comprehensive set of options for clients to capitalize and improve upon operational controls and processes supporting their governance, regulatory and sustainability requirements.  Her experience facilitating difficult discussions between diverse organizations and departments enables clients to optimize operating effectiveness and reduce the cost of compliance.

As both an information security/audit professional and as management, Tabitha has developed and supported compliance programs for ISO 9000, SOX 404, WebTrust, SSAE 16, PCI DSS and HIPAA, enabling the extension of customer and market opportunities.  Most recently, as the Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Officer on the merger and acquisition team in SAP, she program managed the GRC, security and privacy activities on several large acquisitions including BusinessObjects, Sybase, SuccessFactors, Ariba, etc. from the due diligence to post merger integration. Through those activities she has accelerated and safeguarded SAP’s certifications, improved operational effectiveness, and identified and addressed issue resolution.

Tabitha obtained the following designations: Certified Information Systems Auditor in 1999 and Certified Information Systems Security Professional in 2002.

TJ Silliker.jpg

Timothy Silliker, EMBA, BA QRM

Associate Partner - Human Capital

Timothy Silliker is a high performance, internationally positioned Human Resources Leader with a broad experience in Organizational Design & Integration, Sustainable Development and Community Relations. He has a proven track record in leading influential teams through the development of strategic Human Resource best practices. Key strengths include, Talent Management & Succession Planning, Leadership Development, Organizational Design, Compensation Structure & Implementation, Employee Relations and Change Management. 

Timothy’s professional focus has been at the Operations and Corporate level. He enjoys bridging the gaps between Human Resources strategy and tactical execution. He has focused his career in the Mining & Metals sector as well as Oil and Gas.  He enjoys building high performing management teams with strong corporate and operational values.





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